Your Ultimate Digital Work Order Solution

Repair-CRM One-stop-shop for field service businesses with an Online Booking Portal and
Modern Work Orders for seamless scheduling, dispatching and increased productivity!

The Complete Transformation Tool for Your Field Service Business

Repair-CRM is designed to streamline your field service operations from initial customer call to job completion.
Affordable solution for HVAC, plumbing, landscaping and handyman service businesses.

Our Client Feedbacks

"Repair-CRM being used in a marine engine and industrial repair facility."

„Because of the simplicity, Repair-CRM had like zero learning curve. Basically we were able to implement and go.”

„Also communicating with the software team is incredibly quick and easy when I have questions, or suggestions that could be put into place. The customer service has been awesome.”

Ruth F.
Marine Repairs

„Communication with the company, and the ability to do work arounds for my company. Most other companies, have their set product or the complication of their product that was overwhelming.”

„Responsiveness, ability to work thru and help with any issues, and the ability communicate what they can and are not able to do.”

„The simplicity and ease of use between modules.”

Raymond M.
Handyman services

„Asset management for the forklifts was critical for us with Customer Management. Also the customization of the templates to match our previous company Branding. Our overall efficiency grew with 25% overall, thanks to the digital work orders.”

Roland L.
Forklift repairs

"Empowering Business Owners to Ditch the Paperwork and Focus on People"

Let's walk you through the journey:

Customer Communication:

Gone are the days of lengthy phone calls. Our integrated Online Booking Portal allows your customers to move online, effortlessly reporting new jobs with descriptions and preferred time windows.

Job Creation:

With Repair-CRM, dispatchers can easily select clients, define job details, and dispatch digital work orders to technicians' tablets.

No more hassle with paperwork or illegible hand-written notes.


Our system lets you manage your technicians' calendars effectively.

Sending real-time reminders and notifications as new jobs come in.

Job Completion:

Techs can finalize the job on their tablets with ease, even without tech-savvy skills.

If they can navigate through Facebook, using our app is a breeze!

With Repair-CRM, technicians can:

View all client notes, addresses, and job details
Navigate to the client's location with just one click
Start a timer when the job begins and clock out when it's finished
Add labor, costs, photos, and even PDFs for comprehensive job notes
Collect electronic signatures to confirm job completion


Seamlessly transfer job details to QuickBooks Online from our platform. With just one click, all client data and items are sent, and you can review the final invoice right in Repair-CRM.

Newly Added Features:
Experience the benefits of our latest additions designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of your operations and improve customer relations:

Send personalized quotes to your customers right from the app
Empower your technicians with the Daily Map view feature on mobile for efficient routing and time management
Keep a detailed customer profile with infinite customer notes
Maintain comprehensive job notes with insider information, including pictures and PDFs
Call the client with just a single click
Transfer data to QuickBooks directly from mobile


Affordable Pricing

Start your 14-day free trial with no credit card required! Choose from our Starter, Grow, or Pro plans starting from just $19/month, tailored to the size and needs of your business.
Elevate Your Field Service Business!

Unlock the potential of your technicians with job assignment features, photo attachments, signature collection, customer notifications, and On-Site Stopwatch™ for precise time tracking.
Leverage the power of the Customer Feedback System™ for invaluable insights and continual improvement.

Explore the future of field service management, Today!
  • Starter Plan
  • $ 19 /month
  • Ideal for solo operators
  • Convenient Online Booking Portal
  • Manage unlimited customers
  • Catalog unlimited parts and services
  • Handle unlimited jobs
  • Streamline scheduling with a comprehensive calendar view
  • Grow Plan
  • $ 39 /month
  • Perfect for teams of 2-5
  • Unlocks all the efficient features of the Starter plan
  • Capture and upload unlimited photos and signatures for robust job reports
  • Track your resources effectively with asset tracking
  • Gauge customer satisfaction with our unique Customer Feedback System™
  • Monitor your team in real-time with Live Map of Technicians
  • Simplify your logistics with intuitive Map View
  • Stay informed with Daily Technician notifications
  • Seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks for streamlined financial management
  • Keep track of work hours with Mobile Time Tracking
  • Generate on-the-go Quotes from your mobile
  • Pro Plan
  • $ 59 /month
  • Designed for teams of 6-10
  • Empowers you with all the growth-enhancing features from the Grow plan
  • Explore the Pro+ Plan for larger teams of 11-20 users, priced at just $99 / month

Join the hundreds of Field Service businesses transforming their operations with Repair-CRM!

Assign Technicians to Jobs

Attach photos & Collect signatures

Customer notifications

On Site Stopwatch™ – Time Tracking

Customer Feedback System™

Our standout features include:

Track time on the job

Our built-in stopwatch lets your technicians record their work hours precisely from the moment they start until they complete the job.

Live GPS Tracking

Keep tabs on your technicians in real time. Know where they are and the status of the jobs they are handling.

Customizable App Fields

Tailor the app to fit your business needs with our customizable fields feature.

Access to Client History

Equip your team with valuable insights.
Access past job records, faults, and problems for each client to enhance job preparedness.

Automated client communication

Keep your customers in the loop with automated
'On My Way' messages

Let them know when they're next in line or if there's a delay
a great way to improve customer experience!

Asset management

Manage your customers' devices, vehicles, or equipment easily.
Stay on top of next maintenance schedules, previous faults, service visits, used parts, and detailed asset reports.

Online Booking

Empower your customers to report new jobs online, attach photos, and select their preferred service windows
all feeding directly into your Repair-CRM!

Experience the Repair-CRM difference today!

Start your free 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Choose from our Starter, Grow, or Pro plans starting from just $19/month, tailored to the size and needs of your Field Service business.